College Tips: From a Junior & Check-List Enthusiast

As my second semester of my junior year of college comes to an end, I can’t help to to look back on what I have learned and experienced. I remember when freshman year ended, and I thought I had the whole “college-thing” completely figured out, which I quickly found out was wrong as I entered into my sophomore year. The cycle repeated, and I inevitably became a know-it-all-sophomore (everyone goes through this phase sophomore year, right?) and once again, was struck back to reality upon starting my junior year. Now, I’m not going to fall into the same cycle I always do and claim to understand all of the ins-and-outs of college simply because I have another year (almost) under my belt, but I will say, I have learned a lot the past three years about college life, being “on your own” and what it means to carry your morals out in a whole to environment. What better way to explain my thoughts than to make a list?! (one of my favorite things to do and one of the many ways I am overly organized.)

1. Friends. Change. I remember having a group of friends freshman year that I was SURE would be my best friends all through college. This is true, for some, but for others… not so much. I was crushed when my friend group changed so drastically between my freshman and sophomore year, but man has the Lord been faithful through it all. I learned so much about myself and what it is I truly look for in a close friend. Although I still care about those past friendships dearly, I am even more grateful for what I learned about myself and others as past friendships weakened. Don’t take it personally if your friendships change through college! That’s apart of growing into your own person!

2. Be ORGANIZED. Now, I know I am a little over the top and borderline OCD when it comes to my organizational skills… but y’all, it pays off to have your life (somewhat) together! It’s easier to get stuff done, you take can take pride in your space (even if it’s half a dorm room or a little room in a sorority house), and it helps to decrease the stress in your life. Now, I’m not asking you to make your bed first thing in the morning like I do, but maybe just have your school stuff in order for the next day before you go to sleep. I promise, having a place for everything will make your life in college easier. (& GET A PLANNER.)

3. Cling tight to what is important to you. My morals and faith are something that is very dear to me, and I knew they would be tested upon entering college. Surround yourself with people that share the same standards as you to encourage you and to keep each other accountable. I’m blessed to have a group of girlfriends that spur on my relationship with the Lord while challenging me to be a better person. Don’t wait until you are in college to figure out your morals. It’s far to easy to give into temptation when you don’t know what it is you stand for.

4. Take pride in who you are. People are going to treat you differently depending on the vibe you give off to them. I notice that so many girls simply do not take the extra time to look cute (or…alive…) for class (hey, I am completely guilty of this from time to time) and  I can’t help but to wonder why? Taking care of yourself is respecting yourself. I know we all have those mornings when we “just can’t” #TSM, but make an effort to look nice! Wear your hair down, put on some lipstick, rock that new skirt. Pretty soon, your wardrobe will consist of “business casual” and you won’t have the freedom to express yourself through fashion. And remember, dress well test well! 🙂



It’s the BEST time of year!

My alarm was set, computers were ready (thanks for your help, mom!) and I had certain pieces in mind to snatch during the annual Lilly Pulitzer sale on Ruelala! (Need an invite to the site? leave your e-mail as a comment and I’ll invite you! You won’t regret it!
Here is what I was able to get! All of my favorites QUICKLY sold out!

RueLaLa Lilly 3:27:14

1. Carlina Silk Top. How adorable is this blouse? My mom picked this one out, and she knows me well because not only is it my favorite color, but it is scalloped! You can never have too many scalloped pieces! Can’t wait to wear it this spring!

2. “Lacina” Resort White Nibbles Dress. Love the detail at the neckline of this dress, and believe it or not … I don’t have anything in this Lilly pattern! I’m excited to match this with a piece of wedges!

3. “Daena” Fiesta Pink Pique Lace Dress. Classy, cute, and sweet! This dress will be great for summer weddings, outing with my sorority sisters, and a date night with the boy! I was shocked to see it on Ruelala, and that there was still one left in my size!

4. “Callahan” Multicolor Spicy Stripe. The real reason I stalked this sale was for some new shorts. However, there were few in my size so I was elated to find this bright pair in my size! Add a pair of Jack Roger’s and a simple top, and you have a casual spring/summer look!

What did you snag from the sale?



Here we go!

Hey, y’all!

Well, I have finally done (attempted) it! After following many different blogs since I started college three years ago, I decided to give it a whirl! I held back because I did not think that I would be consistent in posting, plus I didn’t want to be just another “here’s what I bought and what I wore lalala” blog (not hating — those are my guilty pleasures to read!)

I love clothes, and I love to feel pretty in what I wear. However, it’s a little tricky for me to 1.) find pieces that actually fit me 2.) put together outfits that look my age (22 as opposed to looking like I’m 15.) With that thought in mind, and the encouragement from my mom who actually came up wit the idea… I decided to create a blog dedicated to properly dressing the petite ladies out there!

I’m (barely) 5 foot and just under 100 pounds. I’m 22 (my birthday was last week!) but could easily pass as a 15 year old, which as you get older, is very frustrating. I have learned, however, that the way you dress can give off how you want to be treated. If I’m out wearing an oversized sorority t-shirt with Nike shorts, I’m going to be mistaken for a high schooler with an older sister (without a doubt.) However, if I want to be taken as a (sometimes) serious lady in my twenties, I need to dress like it… which is what the blog will show! Cute finds, outfits, and my latest obsessions that help me look my age, or just make me smile!